TMC Resignations Tsunami Continues, Kiran Resigns as Planned

April 28, 2022 | 07:47 IST

TMC Resignations Tsunami Continues, Kiran Resigns as Planned

3 TMC candidates plus former president Kiran Kandolkar resigned; Says Kishor came to win BJP, repeat attack on I-PAC

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MAPUSA: Former TMC State Chairman Kiran Kandolkar, along with TMC candidate Porvorim Sandip Vazarkar, Siolim candidate Leo Dias and Mapusa candidate Tarak Arolkar, resigned from the main Allied membership on Wednesday India Trinamool Congress Party.

Reiterating the accusations against Prashant Kishor and I-PAC, Kandolkar said that I-PAC and Kishor had deceived the people of Goa: “We were lured by the political assurances, but these assurances were never fulfilled. I-PAC and Prashant Kishor left Goa before paying workers, hotels, taxis and others that they used during the elections and now these people are coming to my doorstep that’s why I quit the party” , Kandolkar said.

Later, speaking to the Herald, Kandolkar said Rishi Raj Singh, the I-PAC director who was leading the campaign, had made many political assurances directly to him and many candidates. “These are political in nature and many decisions are based on these assurances. They have never been filled. A female leader who quit her secure government job has been promised a ticket from Marcaim. But the TMC then fell in line with MGP, and she was left in the cold and not even helped later.

He added: “Kishor only intended to blackmail Sonia Gandhi to show that if Congress doesn’t take it, he can hijack Congress votes. He had come to win the BJP and he used the TMC platform to his advantage.

Kandolkar also alleged that the party showed no seriousness in the elections in Goa, which is why no top TMC leader came to Goa for the election campaign.

He again brought up the issue of unpaid bills from vendors, laborers, printing of manifests, hotel rooms, taxis and others that we did not pay through I-PAC.

“TMC has no future in Goa or clarity on its plans for Goa which forced me to make this decision,” Kandolkar said.

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