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All photos provided by: Caldwell County High School FFA

Caldwell County Schools officials say FFA students in the high school agricultural department took advantage of last month’s tragic tornado that affected our community and used it as an opportunity to live the FFA motto that learned, namely “Learn to do, do to Learn, earn to live, live to serve.

On Monday, public relations co-ordinator Lizzie Shelton said the leadership team, led by FFA chairman Noah Peake, had begun organizing volunteering efforts among members with the help of councilor Magen Woods. . She says that throughout the week, students helped families affected by the tornado. Shelton notes that some days that meant helping sort personal effects and packing up what could be salvaged, and other days that meant delivering much-needed supplies and snacks.

According to Shelton, Peake’s grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Carner, were among those whose homes were destroyed. She says the Carners wanted to save two things, their car from the basement, where they survived the tornado, and a small jewelry box containing Mrs. Carner’s engagement and wedding rings along with other family jewelry. Woods said if it hadn’t been for the students, the Carners probably wouldn’t have found the jewelry box.

Shelton says FFA members from Livingston Central High School showed up Wednesday and Thursday to volunteer. During that time, she says students have been working with cleanup efforts at Country Club Hills and Dawson Road.

Shelton says agricultural departments across the country have sent donations to Caldwell County high schools. Woods says they received about eight truckloads of donations of baby supplies, canned food, screws, tents and more. She says the agricultural department also received donations from area farmers affected by the storm, which were distributed to local residents as well as Dawson Springs.

Several people are said to have volunteered with students during the week, including Steve Hillard, Bruce Farmer, Debbie Turner, Sarah Barnes and Sarah Silvestre. Shelton says Kim Oliver delivered lunches to students throughout the week.

Woods says each CCHS student affected by the tornado also received a box of supplies with more donations still coming from agricultural departments across the country.

Wes York, an agricultural teacher, who is currently hospitalized, said that through this experience we have learned what it means to do. Peake said if Mr York was there he would have been the first through the door ready to help. He added that it was a way for him to personally connect with Mr. York.

Woods says she is proud of these children and expresses her gratitude to local students for demonstrating what it means to be “Princeton Strong.”

Tornado relief efforts led by CCHS FFA students

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