Tornado Safety: How to Prepare for a Tornado


(KLST/KSAN) As 2022 enters the month of May, we also enter the peak of tornado season which extends into June.

When extreme weather conditions like tornadoes hit, everyone needs to know what to do to keep themselves and their loved ones safe.

Here’s what you need to know in the event of a tornado:

What to do before:

According to the American Red Cross, there are two things to do before a tornado.

  1. Get updates – Listen to NOAA radio station, local radio station or TV station for the latest updates and information.
  2. Establish a plan – The American Red Cross encourages everyone to prepare a tornado plan. This includes dedicating a room or shelter, assigning jobs, and putting into practice those parts of the plan that can be better prepared. When preparing a plan, be sure to prepare an emergency kit and an evacuation plan that includes your pets.
  3. To find refuge – Move into a basement, on the ground floor or into an interior room without a window. The American Red Cross reminds people that mobile homes are not safe shelters. Make sure you can access a safe room or shelter in the event of a tornado, such as a local emergency shelter.

Emergency kit:

Emergency kits should also be prepared in all weathers. The American Red Cross shares that there are many items that should be included in an emergency/survival kit: water, flashlights, easy-to-prepare non-perishable food, medicine, batteries, mobile phones and chargers, emergency contacts, sanitary and hygiene products. .

What about pets:

When a family/household prepares their emergency plan in case of an emergency, a plan for pets should also be included. If you’re not safe, your pets aren’t.

Gather leashes and harnesses before a tornado hits to get you to your designated safe space faster. Be sure to include food, water, medication, medical records, and other things your pet might need when packing an emergency kit.

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