Tornado, storms tear through Madisonville, causing severe damage



MADISONVILLE, TX – A tornado ripped through Madisonville, Texas overnight, causing extensive damage to businesses and homes in the area.

According to Madisonville’s police chief, nearly 4,400 residents, or nearly everyone in the city, are without power.

As he drove through the area to observe the storm damage, KPRC 2 reporter Deven Clarke saw downed power lines and destroyed structures. Clarke said thankfully no injuries were reported.

Officials worked through the night to assess the damage while carrying out wellness checks on residents.

KPRC 2 also received reports of a nursing home located at 411 E. Collard St. sustaining significant damage. Residents would have been moved to safer facilities for the time being.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office dispatch said buildings and homes were damaged and trees felled as winds battered the area. They also assess the extent of the damage.

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KPRC 2 reporter Cathy Hernandez met a family who said they were inside their home when winds lifted the house and moved it 15ft from its original location.

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