Tornado vs Wind Turbine: Video Captures a Dramatic Storm

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A turbine literally weathers the storm in Texas – but not without serious damage.

Incredible footage appears to have captured what happens when a wind turbine encounters a tornado.

Tornadoes touched down in Foard County near the North Texas town of Crowell last week, with the National Weather Service issuing a warning.

Video footage from the storm appears to show a wind turbine literally weathering the storm in the face of a tornado.

The footage, posted to Youtube by storm chaser ‘Stas is Chasing’, shows one of the blades bending under pressure.

It has since been shared on Linkedin and sparked curiosity in the energy industry.

A DNV specialist said it’s unlikely to be a camera effect due to the low rotor speed, and the deflection is “significant but similar to that seen in extreme testing” .

The turbine type or developer has not been identified.

A Siemens Gamesa commentator said ‘something catastrophic has happened to the turbine’ and it may be beyond repair, having gone from full production to complete shutdown in less than a third of a rotation .

Another said the turbine “acted like a tough shaft” with its resilience, while others described it as a “hands-on review” while factory load tests simulating extreme conditions are “theoretical”.

Check out the incredible footage from the event in the first video above.

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