Triple home insurance for a resident of St. Charles Parish as hurricane season approaches


ST. CHARLES PARISH (WVUE) — With hurricane season a week away from the start, many are still recovering from Hurricane Ida and worried about what this year might bring.

For owner and owner John Landry, it was a call he didn’t expect to get from his insurance company.

“She said are you sitting down?” I saw well, I can. She said your insurance is up three times from last year,” Landry said. “I was like shocked. I said are you serious?”

Landry said his home insurance bill has tripled this year, and that doesn’t include what he has to pay for flood or mortgage insurance.

“I’m going to have to raise the rent. I probably won’t be able to increase it by the full amount, but I’ll have to start doing it. I probably haven’t raised his rent in at least seven years,” he said.

It’s one of the many challenges residents of hurricane-affected areas are currently facing as the start of a new hurricane season approaches, and many are still trying to rebuild.

“Once Ida hit, we looked at the house and it’s pretty much destroyed,” said Luling resident Megan Edsall.

She said her house was a total mess inside and out after Ida. The exterior of his house still has no siding or windows. And like many others, she said she was still battling with her insurance company.

“It becomes a financial burden that you weren’t aware of,” she said. “It happens to you very quickly and you know now that you must be wondering how are we going to pay this bill which could cost thousands of dollars?”

This is a concern that parish leaders are aware of.

St. Charles Parish President Matthew Jewell said rising prices for insurance and building materials are making it harder for people to plan ahead.

“We are ready to withstand hurricanes, but if we can’t afford to live here, it’s going to be a big concern for a lot of people, but I’m hopeful for the future,” he said. he declares.

Jewell said he was working with other parish presidents and state legislators to push for changes at the federal level that could help residents continue to be resilient in southeast Louisiana. But for residents still going through this ordeal, it’s getting harder and harder to just be resilient.

“It’s stressful and frustrating, but we’re hoping to have at least one exterior at our house before a hurricane hits,” Edsall said.

“If you have a house that you keep paying on and you end up with an insurance bill that triples? – It’s not easy,” Landry said.

Jewell said he felt confident as hurricane season approached that his parish was ready.

Next week, St. Charles Parish officials, including the school board, sheriff’s office and fire department, plan to meet on Tuesday, May 31 to discuss preparations and updates for hurricane season. of this year.

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