Trump was curious if China was making an artificial Hurricane Gun


Trump was curious if China was making an artificial Hurricane Gun

Early in Donald Trump’s term, the then-president had a pressing question for his public safety associates and agency authorities: Does China have the mysterious innovation – a weapon, even – to create huge man-made typhoons and then send them to the United States?

Also, assuming this is true, would it include a show of combat by an unknown power, and could the United States retaliate militarily? Then, at that time, President Trump repeatedly obtained information about it, as reported by two former senior officials of the organization and a third person advised on the matter.

“That was ridiculously stupid,” said a former Trump official personally familiar with the incumbent president’s request. “I didn’t get the impression he was joking by any stretch of the imagination.”

The sources, who spoke about the state of secrecy to review the private discussions, told Rolling Stone that Trump began questioning public safety authorities and other personnel about the alleged weapon during of the first year of his administration, and his investigation would crop up inconsistently until well into 2018. Two of the sources indicated that as Trump progressed into the second year of his tenure, he began to drop the theme and occasionally joked about it.

In specific circles inside senior Trumpland positions, the then go-to person for anyone who loves the issue of freedom turned out to be such a mocking event that she was dubbed by some the “Typhoon Gun.” .

“I was available [once] when he asked if China had ‘manufactured’ tropical storms to ship us,” the other previous senior authority said. Trump “is curious if the innovation has existed. A person in the room replied, “Not supposedly, sir.” I maintained a reasonable level of control until I returned to my office…I have no idea where [then-]the president would have gotten wind of this… He was getting information about it around the time, maybe a little earlier, he got information about nuclear tropical storms.

This clearly stupid line of demand from Trump, which has not been announced recently, was just an occasion in an organization that was overflowing with Trump’s wildly stupid and paranoid fear-controlled thoughts and strategy proposal, whose a significant number were ignored or killed, subsequently staying away from further barbarism.

Last week, it was discovered that former Trump Defense Secretary Mark Esper had written in his new diary that his ex-supervisor should pursue Mexico with rockets – in peacetime between the two countries – and then try to blame it on another country.

Even after leaving office in shame, Trump has become the undisputed leader of the Republican Party and, by far, its best-known and most persuasive public figure. He is currently the reasonable No. 1 to win the official GOP 2024 designation, would it be a good idea for him if he finally decides to send another mission. However, an official choice has yet to be made, Trump has firmly nodded to an assortment of partners and advisers he expects to lead once again, having made it his primary goal to transform his enemy of majority rule in lies about the 2020 political race being ‘caught’ from him in party universality.

“It doesn’t surprise me by any stretch of the imagination,” says Stephanie Grisham, a former Trump associate who has since had an unusually open rift with the Trumps. However, Grisham said she was unaware of the “Storm Gun” chatter, she basically noted, “Things like that were actually typical for him. He was constantly shouting nonsense and advising the assistants to investigate or take care of business. His staff would be fine with investigating knowing that, as a rule, they would quickly forget about him – like a little child.

Trump’s ‘storm gun’ claims add to a list of bizarre beliefs the former president not only holds about environmental science in general – which he has called a lie as ” made by and for the Chinese” – but on typhoons in particular. During the 2019 tropical storm season, Trump demanded to tell the public that Hurricane Dorian was heading towards Alabama, which no model predicted. Trump then showed up with a guide that appeared to have been edited to incorporate a projection of the storm hitting Alabama. The episode, named Sharpie gate for Trump’s improper stamping of a guidebook, prompted an attorney general’s report that alleged the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration dishonestly supported Trump’s case on the path of the tropical storm. due to pressure from the White House.

From time to time, Trump’s remarks about conceivable Wile E Coyote-style weapons have responded to corresponding unusual thoughts mulled over by the United States during the Cold War.

During the 2019 tropical storm season, Trump apparently kept proposing to aides that American typhoons bombard with atomic weapons in the confused belief that the explosions would somehow alleviate or wipe out the hurricanes – a thought previously derived by shifty Cold War scholars. cut corners on the Plowshare project, which attempted to conceptualize quiet targets for atomic weapons.

The US Flying Corps’ Project Popeye expected to use cloud cultivation – dropping salts and dry ice in the mists to trigger downpours and snowfall – in an attempt to defeat the rebellion in South Vietnam.

“The idea behind this was that we could at any time delay the movement of weapons and materials from North to South Vietnam through the Ho Chi Minh Trail by making a rainy season all year round so that the trail would be impassable. “, makes sense to Vince Houghton. , an antiquarian whose book, Nuking the Moon, annals some of the most unusual bombed weapons of the Cold War.

While cloud farming attempts to make precipitation, it cannot make typhoons, which cause damage primarily in areas of strength for storm and heavy storm floods, as opposed to precipitation. However, China’s interest in cloud culture innovation for agricultural creation and disaster relief has sparked paranoid notions in the kind of traditional fevers that frequently illuminate MAGA discussions.

Especially since in recent times, conservative conspiracies in QAnon fear have inspired notions claiming that President Joe Biden used a Chinese-made weather weapon to dispatch the freezing weather that disabled power cables in Texas as Senator Ted Cruz was escaping to Cancun, Mexico.

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