Tsunami incident in ancient Japan turned into flooding of Three Gorges Dam


HYDERABAD: Earlier this year, the “Three Gorges” reservoir in Yichang, China was flooded. It recorded the largest influx of water in its history. The dam gates were opened to release the water. The authorities had to evacuate nearly 300,000 residents.

(Source: The Guardian)

In light of this, social media users recently started sharing a video about the flooding. A Facebook user shared the video with the caption: “The floodgates at the Three Gorges Dam in China were opened due to heavy rains on August 2, 2021. See the floods,”


This video is not related to the flooding of the ‘Three Gorges’ dam.

NewsMeter discovered that it was a viral video of the 2011 tsunami that hit the city of Miyako, Japan on March 11, 2011. According to the Associated Press and Russian news channel RT, Miyako was hit by a tsunami that swept away the dike. everything including cars and boats. About 1,400 people were killed by the earthquake.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = B01Ktb2Bj4

According to reports from ‘Reuters’ and ‘The Atlantic’, a powerful earthquake off 9.0 hit the coast and more than 600 people died and 6,000 buildings were destroyed in the city while hundreds still lived in temporary accommodation.

Obviously, the viral video is from the earthquake and tsunami incident in Japan in 2011. It is not related to the flooding of the “Three Gorges” reservoir. So the claim is wrong.

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