Turkish-Japanese musicians celebrate friendly ties with a concert



As part of the “Başkent Culture Road Festival” organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Japan’s “Tsunami Symphony” dazzled the capital with magical tunes for the friendship between Turkey and Japan.

Seiji Mukaiyama and Etsuya Kitani conducted the Tsunami Symphony, which was performed for the first time in Turkey. The set focused on the theme of the devastation wrought by the earthquake and tsunami.

Türkiye public broadcaster TRT Ankara Radio Polyphonic Chorus, under the direction of soprano soloists Nazlı Alptekin and bass Hasan Alptekin, narrator Halit Mızraklı and choir conductor Elnara Kerimova gave the audience a good time.

Japanese Ambassador Suzuki Kazuhiro, Japanese citizens living in Turkey, students, diplomats and art lovers attended the concert.

Japanese Ambassador Suzuki Kazuhiro underlined the friendship between Japan and Turkey in his brief speech: “I think today’s concert is very important to promote friendly relations between Japan and Turkey. . I hope that such events, which are also very important for our history, will continue to multiply.

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