Two tornado sirens are out of service in Lowndes and Monroe Co.


LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss.s (WCBI) – It seems to be a trend this spring – the threat of severe storms in the middle of the week.

And many locals rely on warning sirens to alert them to impending inclement weather.

But a number of counties in our area are reporting that some of their sirens are down.

Lowndes and Monroe counties are each reporting 2 out of service.

And it has led county emergency management directors to urge residents to have more than one way to get their information.

There are good alternatives. Of course, our weather team is on the air when there’s a tornado warning, and we have on-screen information for other warnings and watches, there’s radio, NOAA weather radios, and a number apps for your phone.

“As it happens, there’s a tornado on Wednesday, because we’re expecting severe weather on Wednesday, so today I’m telling you to start downloading a weather app or find another way to notify. You know, the weather radio is really awesome. If you get a weather radio, you have to bring it here; we’ll set it up for you. We’ll be happy to help you set up the radio,” said Cindy Lawrence, Director of Weather Radio. Lowndes County EMA.

Currently in Lowndes County, the Jess Lyons Road and Lindsey Ferry Road sirens are down.

In Monroe County, Becker School and Darracott Road are out of service.

All 4 are awaiting parts for repairs.

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