Typhoon Hinnamnor destroyed $1 million worth of supercars in Korea



Typhoons and hurricanes are among the most fearsome natural phenomena in the world. We have of course seen the destruction that Hurricane Ian left in its wake across the United States, with homes destroyed, lives lost and many people without power. This is proving to be one of the most devastating storms to hit the United States in recent times. However, this is not the only natural disaster to have befallen the world in recent weeks.

Asia suffered from the effects of Typhoon Hinnamnor, an extremely powerful and devastating tropical cyclone that particularly affected South Korea and Japan. It became the first typhoon of the 2022 Pacific typhoon season, and became a typhoon on August 29. As you’d expect, it left a lot of damage after it hit the ground, affecting many people’s properties. This included lots of expensive cars which have made many people proud and happy, as these images show us. Car damage ranges from a McLarento a pair of Lamborghinis and more, with nearly a million dollars of damage inflicted.

Don’t watch if you don’t like seeing wrecked supercars

Supercar Blondie shared the clearest images of the damaged cars, and the Typhoon aftermath really didn’t look good. The footage of the cars was all taken in a garage in Seoul, and it’s clear the Typhoon was able to punch through its walls and head straight for the cars. The main cars involved in the images are a Lamborghini Aventador, a Lamborghini Huracán and a McLaren 570S. The Aventador would have cost its owner around $500,000 with the Huracán at least $200,000 and the McLaren around $190,000.

This is already equivalent to around $900,000 in damages. The images show the cars covered in mud and debris, with the garage clearly soaked in water and no doubt a lot of internals massively affected by the water that entered the garage. Other images show a Porsche in the garage thus parked in front of the McLaren, and this car is also covered in mud as well as rubbish. The Porsche seemed to have a very special livery, which made it even more tragic about its fate.

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Additional Images How To Make Car Damage Even Costlier

A South Korean website also uploaded additional footage of the damaged cars, showing how dirty and flooded the garage was. We’ve had more photos of Lamborghinis with their wheels still partially submerged, and a Mercedes-Benz is also one of the casualties in this garage. The bill is already increasing over these first three cars. The Mercedes appears to be in the worst shape with its rear bonnet open and all sorts of trash covering the car. There’s even more damage to come, though.

Some additional images show a Mercedes SUV also badly damaged by the floods while we also see a Bentley Bentayga SUV which suffered from the typhoon. This Bentley appears to have been moved slightly due to the effects of the Typhoon and may have hit some of the cars in the garage. Obviously, a lot of damage is visible. The typhoon isn’t the only natural phenomenon to damage and destroy expensive cars, however, after Hurricane Ian swept through Florida and a poor owner saw his car suffer a terrible fate in his garage as it was quickly taken away.

A precious McLaren P1 destroyed by Hurricane Ian

When Hurricane Ian made landfall in Florida in the United States, it caused a lot of damage. Some of that damage was actually done to a particular McLaren P1 belonging to a guy called Ernie. He had just taken delivery of his P1 which had only 300 miles on the clock, but it was then swept out of its garage by the force of the water and ended up several hundred yards down the street. The latest images show the damaged hypercar taken away for evaluation, although it doesn’t look good for the car based on Ernie’s Instagram account.

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Not a good week for those who own supercars

It really hasn’t been a good week for those who own supercars and hypercars. Of course, lives lost take precedence because cars can of course be replaced, even those that are actually produced in small numbers and are expensive. But as car enthusiasts, we can’t help but be very sad at the sight of these forever lost machines, especially the very rare McLaren P1. Many of these cars appear to have been badly damaged beyond repair, and they will certainly need a lot of work to be driven again if indeed salvageable.

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