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A “mini tornado” left a trail of destruction in a housing estate after passing through the town of Widnes in Cheshire.

Residents complained about damaged buildings and uprooted trees in the area as extremely high winds hit the city on Wednesday afternoon.

CCTV footage from a house camera on the new construction estate off Moorfield Road showed the storm was wreaking havoc, the contents of the gardens, including a trampoline, left strewn across the street .

The masonry had also collapsed and the fences had been damaged, while the windows were smashed due to the high winds.

The mini-tornado also tore roof tiles and felled trees, while several cars were battered by flying debris.

Another video showed overturned trash cans flying down a road as the contents were thrown away.

The cleanup has now started and road closures have been put in place as Cheshire Police officers are on the scene.

A force spokesperson said: “On Wednesday 20 October at 12:25 pm, police received reports of damage in the Widnes area.

“The damage includes a collapsing wall, broken car windows and debris on Camberwell Park Road.

“A number of road closures are in place, including Camberwell Park Road at the junction of Moorfield Road.

“Damage also occurred in the garage of a property on Kensington Close.”

The force said there had been no reports of injuries.

John Hatton, who lives on Greenwich Avenue where the tornado passed, called the ordeal “madness.”

He said the extreme winds came out of nowhere and rocked his house for about 30 seconds, causing damage to his house and car.

“I was in the back kitchen making my lunch and it seemed like the wind was blowing very quickly, then everything was blowing in the air, there were fence panels blowing, noises, the house seemed to shake for 20-30 seconds and then suddenly calm down, ”he told CheshireLive.

The Met Office said there had been several reports of funnel clouds and tornadoes across the UK in recent weeks.

Narrow, rotating air columns form when the weather is “unstable” and rainy, and reach the ground from cumulonimbus (thunderstorms).

The UK is claimed to receive more tornadoes per square kilometer than the US, but no more tornadoes in total, the Met Office has said.

Around 30 tornadoes are reported each year in the UK, although they are generally much smaller than those that hit America.

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