[VIDEO] Nick Chubb squats a mind-blowing 610 pounds on a Tsunami Bar


Like clockwork, we have another amazing “Nick Chubb lifting ridiculous amounts” video. These always appear during the offseason and increase in frequency until the start of training camp, and they become more and more amazing.

In May, we had a video of Chubb squatting at 675 pounds, so in terms of gross weight lifted, that’s not his peak – but the devil is in the details. The reason for the gigantic curvature is the Tsunami Max Bar, which claims to increase athletic endurance due to its flexible nature.

The concept is that due to the oscillation of the bar, it dramatically increases the load for very minute intervals. Tsunami claims that in its tests, a 195-pound weight hit peak forces of 748 pounds for milliseconds at a time. So, lifting 610 pounds on the bar, Chubb actually experienced forces of 2,339 pounds, assuming the Tsunami numbers are correct.

And to think, linebackers actually have to try to tackle this guy.

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