Vietnam: Floods – Final Report, Operation No. MDRVN020 – Vietnam




Description of the disaster

On October 6, 2020, the central region of Viet Nam experienced prolonged heavy rains that caused severe and widespread flooding and landslides in eight provinces of the country. This was due to the combination of many weather systems – the Intertropical Convergence Zone combining with cold air as well as tropical storms LINFA and NANGKA. This part of the country has also been hit by nine other cyclonic storms, the latest being Typhoon Vamco, which made landfall on November 15, 2020.

People suffered heavy losses from natural disasters in 2020, including damage to people, shelter and property. 357 dead or missing (291 dead, 66 missing) and 876 injured. 511,172 houses submerged, 3,429 houses collapsed, 333,084 damaged houses/roofs blown away. These back-to-back storms and floods are considered the worst disaster to hit central Viet Nam in the past 100 years.

The floods wreaked havoc on infrastructure, including highways, schools, health facilities and community centers. More than 360 schools have been flooded or destroyed, more than two million head of cattle have been lost and 30,000 hectares of agricultural productivity have been devastated, according to reports. The distribution of aid following the floods was hampered by extensive damage to public transport systems. More than 165 kilometers of national road, 801 kilometers of local roads and three bridges were badly damaged, according to VNDMA. Due to the loss of electricity in many affected areas, communication was restricted, with 3,125 utility poles collapsing or breaking (VNDMA). The total loss was estimated at approximately 35,180,997,000 VND (approximately CHF 1,425,313) reported on November 15, 2020.

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