Viral Video Shows Tsunami-like Clouds, Internet Calls It ‘Terrifying But Majestic’


The video has garnered over 90,000 upvotes and over 2,200 comments.

Nature is full of surprising scenarios and a stunning visual of clouds captured in video has taken the internet by storm.

Shared on Reddit, the clip shows a huge cloud formation rolling towards a row of neat houses on an otherwise empty street. At first glance, the unusual cloud formation – known as an arcus, or rolling cloud – looks a bit like waves.

The post’s caption read, “Felt like it was a tsunami, never seen clouds like this before.”

Watch the fascinating video below:

The location where the video was shot is still unknown.

Since being shared, the post has gone viral. It garnered over 90,000 upvotes and over 2,200 comments. Several netizens found the video “terrifying”.

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One user wrote, “Literally had apocalyptic nightmares that looked like this while holding my kids hands.” Another said: “It looked like the huge planetary tidal wave in Interstellar. I legitimately screamed when I saw this in the cinema. It looks like this. Absolutely terrifying and majestic!”

A third user jokingly commented, “I would be packing my car and driving out of there. I saw Independence Day, I know how it ends,” while a fourth added: “I saw clouds like this once, while driving. I came around a bend and slammed on my brakes (like everyone else) because it legitimately looked like a huge wave was about to crash into us. It was amazing. Really beautiful after realizing I wasn’t going to die.

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A roll cloud is a low, tube-shaped, relatively rare type of horizontal arcus cloud. They generally appear to “roll” around a horizontal axis. Roll clouds form near the edge of thunderstorms when relatively cool air advances into the warmer, more humid air that feeds the storm.

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