“We are not going in this radical and bizarre direction” (video)


“Morning Joe” hosts Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski and Willie Geist dove in Wednesday morning to discuss the Kansas vote rejecting an amendment that would restrict abortion statewide.

In a landslide vote on the so-called “Value Them Both Amendment,” which would remove the right to abortion from the state constitution, the traditionally pro-life and right-wing Kansas electorate charted a line in the sand. Scarborough noted that high-profile abortion cases like that of the 10-year-old rape victim and “the Texas attorney general fighting for the right to let mothers die on the operating table” have heightened awareness. that “this is the 2022 Republican Party” – and that many conservative voters don’t want to line up with it.

“Kansas voters, even those who are pro-life, said, ‘No. We’re not going in that radical, bizarre direction,” Scarborough said.

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“Even in a pro-life state, even in a Republican state that hasn’t elected a Democratic president in 50 years, they’re repelled by the radicalism of this new Republican party,” the co-host added, saying the 41% to 59% of those for and against the amendment was, quite simply, “a tsunami”.

Tuesday’s vote marked the first time the issue of abortion access has been on the ballot since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade in June. Looking ahead, polls showed Kansas split but ultimately in favor of the bill by a margin of a few points, but the results show a base that may be willing to stand up for women’s rights, even if they are personally pro-life.

“The decision of voters to just say no to Republican lawmakers deciding the future of decisions made by their wives, by their daughters, by their loved ones — it’s astounding,” Scarborough said.

As the only woman on the “Morning Joe” welcoming panel, Brzezinski pointed out that she sees the results in Kansas as a potential litmus test for how many right-wing voters around the country will feel heading into the election in November mid-term.

“For the in-between reviews, I will say this just like the woman on set: watch out,” Brzezinski said. “I mean, I’m surprised by Kansas, and I’m not surprised. Because women aren’t going to sit back and say, “Yeah, you can take away our rights, you can take away our personal rights, you can take away our sisters’ rights, you can take away our daughters’ rights.” Forget. Watch out, Kansas is your example this morning.

Watch the full segment in the video above.

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