‘We Just Went To Pray’: Rainsville Family Overcomes Closet Tornado | News


A drone captured video of downed trees in DeKalb County, Alabama, following an EF-1 tornado on Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service’s investigation into damage from Wednesday night’s storm in Rainsville indicates that a strong EF-1 tornado cut down trees, damaged roofs and cut off power to hundreds of people.

On Thursday, neighbors in the hard-hit neighborhood of Autumn Creek near Kirk Road and BlueScope Steel on Church Street worked together to clean up the mess left behind.

Rainsville resident Dale Hosch weathered the storm with his family in a closet in their home.

“It got really bad all of a sudden so we just walked into the closet and we just went to pray,” Hosch told WAAY 31 on Thursday as he helped with the cleanup efforts. “We’re lucky it isn’t worse than it is. “

The tornado struck around 8:30 p.m.

Rainsville Mayor Rodger Lingerfelt said no one was injured.

Rainsville Tornado

The early warning radar network indicates a tornado in Rainsville on Wednesday evening.

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