‘Weed pressure tsunami’ set to worsen problems in coming years, agronomists say | Harvests



Weather conditions in western Nebraska and other parts of the Plains have caused a “tsunami of weed pressure” on crop growers, agronomists say. And, they add, it’s something that could get worse in years to come given the prolific nature of resistant weeds such as Palmer’s pigweed.

“We’ve been battling Palmer’s amaranth for a long time, and it’s adapted faster than our ability to control it,” says Ben Sauder, vice president of agronomy at the Frenchman Valley Coop, as he walks in the arid corner of a soybean field. under a center pivot near Imperial, Nebraska. “We’re going to have to work hard over the next few years to get these weeds under control because we’ve lost 20 years of weed control in this year alone.”

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