Wells Branch neighbors were warned about the tornado after it hit


With severe weather expected on Monday, a tornado tore through Wells Branch before any warnings were issued.

AUSTIN, Texas – On Monday, the tornado that destroyed homes in Round Rock first affected neighbors in the Wells Branch neighborhood of North Austin on Monday.

“We had no warning,” Philip Condi said.

“We received the warning by phone afterwards, after everything was done,” said Ivonne Condi.

The Condi couple moved to Wells Branch over 20 years ago. Ivonne remembers hearing high winds and even seeing a line in the speed of the tornado in front of their backyard.

“I said, ‘This is not normal. This is not normal.’ So I went to the cage, my birdcage, and just brought it to our bedroom to go in the closet. We didn’t get there,” Ivonne said.

Ivonne and her bird couldn’t hide in their master bedroom, but the tornado passed within seconds.

“It was the next day that I was like, ‘OK,’ that’s just when it really hit me, you know… I was shaking afterwards,” Ivonne said.

The neighborhood is mostly clear of debris now, but a few piles of fences and broken glass dot and litter the sidewalks. While Ivonne and Philip have been residents for some time, some neighbors have just moved in.

“I could hear a lot of noise like it was probably the wind blowing. And all of a sudden things started shaking and the glass was breaking and I could see the pieces of wood from the fence being ripped off, shoot and drill the house,” says Rubayat Khan.

Khan, his wife and two young daughters moved to the North Austin neighborhood in February from Dubai.

“What happened was I got a bruise, we got some deep cuts here and my wife hurt her leg etc, and some on my body too. But I’m so glad nothing happened to my kids,” Khan mentioned. “We had some blood on the floor, and it was a huge amount of damage.”

Many windows are boarded up in the neighborhood and covered with tarps. The fences are uneven at best in some places. Both Khan and Condi noted that in the days following the tornado, the community came together to clean up and check on each other.

“Our neighbor here, Steve, great guy, man. He came running in. He saw from the window like, you know, he asked if you were hurt, jumping up because we were bleeding red and like I I said, we just moved in, ‘We didn’t even have med kits in the house, did we? As simple as that. And he came running quickly and he put bandages ontaken care of us,” Khan said.

Now Khan hopes the trauma from the tornado will progress sooner rather than later.

“I don’t know how it’s going to affect their brain development process, but I just want them to forget about it as soon as possible,” Khan said.

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