We’re playing this forbidden MTG map once again!


magic arenaThe Explorer format is in full swing, and it’s a fantastic environment. The meta is diverse and you never know what you’re going to encounter. While Winota may be at the helm of the metagame’s ship, there’s an archetypal deck that had eyes on it to begin with.

He is powerful and plays a card that was previously banned on Arena. Today we are going to look at the fires of invention decks of the format and what is our recommended version!

fires of invention

Wizards of the Coast

Our star card is fires of invention. This 4-mana enchantment limits you to casting spells only on your turn, but you can also cast 2 spells for free if it’s equal to or less than the number of lands you have in play. It’s VERY powerful and has even resulted in its ban for Standard and Historic. But it’s fair game in Pioneer and Explorer! Let’s look at a few different versions of Fires decks.

Mono Red Golos Lights

Our first list is Mono Red Golos Fires. This list is quite a far cry from what Fires decks looked like back in the day.

This version of the deck really killed it in MTGO leagues in Pioneer, so we translated it to Explorer. We lose a few cards from mana and the buffet, but usually we have the whole deck. The idea here is that we use Fires of Invention to stick a Golos, tireless pilgrim at the ramp, and a Flame Rider and have a bunch of mana open to pump it.

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Fires of Izzet Golos

Then we have a riff on the previous deck, that’s izzet Golos fires. This deck takes some of the core components from the Mono Red version, but seems to play a little more of a control game plan with a few blue cards.

We have access to Omen of the sea and shark typhoon to help us find cards, but also we play more out. We have Goodbye to deal with a variety of problematic permanents and our finisher is The Kami War.

Because we plan to play blue, we also get a more diverse buffet to deal with more issues.

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Jeskai Fires / 4C Fires

With Jeskai/4C Fires, we’re back to a deck that feels a bit more familiar. We have 2 lists here, so let’s look at 4C fires first because that’s what people play in Pioneer.

We don’t have a sideboard for this listing, but you can certainly find pieces from the following listing. Version 4c plays some control elements, but also has a token creator/ Transmogrify package to find agent of treachery. The agent is one of the best finishers in this game and can often lead to an early concession.

Now let’s look at the regular version of Jane Jeskai.

The Jeskai version is quite similar to the 4-color version, but we’re dropping the green and Esika Chariot in favor of more control cards and a more consistent mana base. We’re still rocking an almost identical token and Transmogrify set up here, but we’re much less reliant on token strats for this release.

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As for our recommendation on which version to play, I’m a huge fan of the Jeskai version. For me, he has the right mix of card advantage, withdrawal and threat. While all of these builds have their benefits, Jeskai really does offer a solid package to match the current meta.

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