What accessories for MW2 FSS Hurricane?


SMG gaming is what the new age of Call of Duty that’s all, so take the best of yourself modern warfare 2 The FSS Hurricane loadout is essential, especially if you’re brave enough to tackle inside Farm 18. As a new SMG to the Call of Duty franchise, the FSS Hurricane shares its family tree with the M4 – according to the New Progressive Gunsmith options – and perhaps that’s why it already dominates the meta. So imagine yourself as a speed demon? Here are the best FSS Hurricane loadouts for modern warfare 2.

Best Modern Warfare Hurricane FSS Loadout Attachments

The interior M4 can be spotted with its sleek and sturdy body combined with a nice iron sight, meaning your options for optimizing the weapon speak for themselves. There’s no need for compensating optics, lasers, ammo or magazines, allowing you to go straight into business with the upgrades.

You’ll want to focus on recoiling the FSS Hurricane first, through the barrel and muzzle options, although you don’t want to sacrifice too much speed. ADS and Sprint to Fire times will be earned from stock, making this the best FSS Hurricane modern warfare 2 charge a perfect combination of speed and accuracy – a Captain Price special.

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  • Cannon – FSS Cannonade 16″
  • Muzzle – XTEN Razor Compensator
  • Underbarrel – VX Pineapple Green Grip
  • Rear handle – XTEN handle
  • Stock – Quicksilver Collapsed Demo

Best FSS Modern Warfare Hurricane Loadout Perks & Gear

It is quite obvious that speed is necessary in modern warfare 2, compared to previous years. So, the benefits are quite essential to your success. Double Time and Scavenger are a fairly popular combination in Perk 1, while Quick Fix is ​​essential for SMG players, as the move doesn’t leave too much time to hide.

Ghost in the final Perk slot is also a solid choice. Don’t be that person of last resort… When it comes to field upgrades, Battle Rage is the best until Dead Silence needs to be unlocked.

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  • Secondary – X13
  • Tactical – Flash Grenade
  • Mortal – Semtex
  • Perk 1 – Double Time & Scavenger
  • Advantage 2 – Quick Fix
  • Advantage 3 – Ghost
  • Field Upgrade – Battle Rage

As the best SMG in the modern warfare 2 beta, this FSS Hurricane loadout should earn you all kinds of shootouts. Be careful of those who use a shotgun though.

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