Will gas prices influence your escape plans this hurricane season?


BILOXI, Miss. (WLOX) – Anyone who’s lived along the Mississippi Gulf Coast for more than one hurricane season can tell you the ways to prepare don’t change much. Restocking storm supplies in 2022 is very similar to restocking storm supplies in 1985. (Two words: Vienna sausages) But one difference this hurricane season that could impact your plan is inflation.

Specifically, record gasoline prices could make people think twice before deciding to evacuate from an approaching storm. So we want to know, “Will gas prices influence your evacuation plans this hurricane season?” Our WLOX.com poll is now open for voting until 9 a.m. Thursday to gauge your opinions.

Even if you think you’re likely to stick around and ride out a storm, it’s important to make an escape plan anyway, just in case. Know the flood risk of the area you live in and plan multiple routes out of the area. These will be useful depending on the direction a storm is approaching from.


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