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The Paducah Sun reported on December 21 that Maureen Daley, a flight attendant for private flights living in Newport Beach, Calif., Wanted to provide a spare room in her home for any victim of a tornado in the process of. losing his own home after a year. Tornado 10 tore a path through western Kentucky.

Her home in Newport Beach has a guest room that she says could house a tornado victim who lost her own home until she can get back on her feet.

It’s over 1,900 miles from Mayfield, but she wanted to do what she can to help.

“There must be someone my age who just needs a place to go for a while until they clean up there,” she told The Sun last month. “I just want to buy someone here in California a room, especially if they have nothing.”

Daley was pushed into action after watching TV news about the tornado.

“There was this guy – I just wanted to grab him and say, ‘You can live with me,’” she said last month. “He had to escape – he had to hide because the wall collapsed. He was in a bathroom, sucking in air where the tub should have been until he was found.

“I was just watching this. I don’t know how he survived, and now he’s got nothing. Nothing, not a pair of socks. It just broke my heart. He kept saying how lucky he was and I thought, “I wish I had an ounce of him.” “

An email account was created last month for those who wanted to accept his offer. This account was deleted on Wednesday because no one responded to the offer after two weeks.

Daley was disappointed, but was proud to make the offer.

“I’m just surprised more people aren’t doing it,” she told The Sun on Wednesday. “I’m just absolutely shocked.

“If I told half of my friends, they would say, ‘What, are you crazy? Are you going to have a stranger in your house? Yeah. Yes I am.”

Daley’s Newport Beach, Calif., Home is in a residential neighborhood near the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, and had a vacant bedroom to give to a western Kentucky tornado victim . No one accepted her offer, but she’s glad she made the effort.

Daley said she understood why people were reluctant to take her offer.

“I guess because people are skeptical about offering it, what can I say, this is why people are skeptical about accepting it?” ” she said. “They don’t know me.

“We tried; we gave it a really good shot.

Daley said she could re-do the offer if a similar situation arose.

“It would be a sad way (to offer a room),” she said. “Or, if someone is unlucky, it doesn’t have to be a hurricane or a tornado. I was lucky. “There have been so many times that I have been lucky. Even going through tough times, I was lucky. Just the right person at the right time – serendipity.

Daley spoke of the phrase “Never Block Your Blessings.”

– That’s all, she said. “All we have, all is blessed. … Don’t block your blessings. It is the worst thing you can do.

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