‘You could feel the ground shaking’ – spectators gather for the Typhoon display team above RAF Scampton



Aircraft spotters from across Lincolnshire were out in force to capture the RAF Typhoon Display team over one of the county bases.

The team are based at RAF Coningsby and currently carry out regular training flights which can be seen over RAF Scampton.

Training is set to last until Friday March 18, before what is usually a busy schedule of summer events for the Typhoon Display team – with their 2021 schedule including trips to France, Hungary and Finland.

The times people can see one of the Typhoons are not advertised, but a member of the team was seen performing on RAF Scampton for 15 minutes at around 11am this morning, March 14.

The Typhoon flying over RAF Scampton.

Lincolnshire Live visited the viewing area at RAF Scampton on the A15 northbound just past the base’s main entrance to view the display and speak to some of the aircraft spotters who were there .

About 20 people had shown up to see the spectacle, many of them seasoned aircraft spotters who were armed with long lenses and overhead scanners to inform them of the Typhoon’s arrival.

One of the plane spotters, George Crossley, 67, had a message on his aerial scanner advising him that clearance had been given for the display team to fly from RAF Coningsby.

Everyone quickly scrambled into the best position and about 5 minutes later a member of the display team roared above our heads before performing a series of maneuvers.

The busy viewing area at RAF Scampton.
The busy viewing area at RAF Scampton.

Speaking after the plane began its return journey to RAF Coningsby, Mr Crossley said: “This is my first time at Scampton, I’ve been to Coningsby several times and Waddington, and it couldn’t not be better.

“I live in Wakefield, so that’s where I’m from. I’ve been doing aircraft spotting for a very, very long time, but recently retired, so obviously I have a lot more time ahead of me.

“I’ve always photographed planes since I was an air cadet and I got some really good shots today, I’ve probably brought back a couple hundred.”

Ian Walpole, 64, and his wife Jenny, 72, had traveled from Scunthorpe to view the display and Ian said: “I’ve probably been doing aircraft spotting for about three years now and really enjoyed seeing this today.

“When it comes later in the year you actually see the Typhoons flying at a much lower level, but today was great and it’s especially nice when the weather is nice like this because I ‘ve been in the winter when you need about three jackets to keep warm.”

Ian Walpole, Jenny Walpole and Paul Williamson at RAF Scampton.
Ian Walpole, Jenny Walpole and Paul Williamson at RAF Scampton.

Paul Williamson, 66, came from Cleethorpes to the RAF Scampton viewing area, armed with a camera and an air scanner, and said: “Actually I just came to see the red arrows today, then I got here to be informed that a typhoon was coming too.

“I mainly do photography at Cadwell Park, but with RAF Coningsby being so close to it, I tend to kill two birds with one stone.

“It was really good to see the Typhoon today and it’s so strong I think you could feel the ground shaking a bit as it passed.”

About half an hour after the Typhoon left the skies of RAF Scampton, the Red Arrows began one of their regular training flights over the base.

Paul Williamson added: “It’s great to have all of this in the county and seeing one of the Typhoons come out always makes me feel very safe when I go to sleep at night.”

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